ThermalAir TA-1000A
Temperature Forcing System
The ThermalAir TA-1000A high capacity thermal air stream system is used for temperature testing, fast thermal cycling, and device temperature characterization of components, hybrids, modules, PCBs, and other electronic and non‐electronic assemblies at precise temperatures from ‐25°C to +200°C. The Systems Touch Screen lets operator control temperature settings, ramp and cycle right at user test bench workstation.

The flexible Microscope Style Arm & Stand can be mounted to the TA-1000A or used separately. The system has a high temperature 3.28 inch I.D double pane glass cap enclosure and includes a rear 6 ft. output flex hose.

  • Optional Air Dryer/ Optional Roll‐around Cart. All from MPI Thermal integrated design
  • Versatile positioning Microscope Style Arm & Stand (manually adjusted)
  • Eco‐Friendly with up to 50% power energy savings
  • Ultra‐stable DC temperature control with smart DC energy‐efficient chiller
  • Built‐in color touch screen display GUI
  • No voltage or frequency configuration needed
    ‐ One system worldwide
  • Quiet low audible noise for engineering laboratory
  • No LN2 or CO2 required