ThermalAir TA-3000A
Temperature Forcing System
The ThermalAir TA-3000A high capacity thermal air stream system is used for temperature testing, fast thermal cycling, and device temperature characterization of components, hybrids, modules, PCBs, and other electronic and non-electronic assemblies at precise temperatures from -65°C to +225°C.

Compact + Performance Plus + Productivity!
  • Temperature Range -65°C to +225°C
  • Flow Rates 4-16 SCFM
  • -40°C to +125°C / +125°C to -40°C in less than 10 sec
  • Ultra stable DC temperature control
  • Frost free operation/ Built-in air dryer
  • No LN2 or CO2 required
  • Built-in color touch screen display GUI
  • USB & SSD Thermal file management & data logging
  • Easy roll around wheels for portability
  • Plug-in anywhere 200 to 250VAC, 50/60Hz [No configuration required]